Web browser controlled by the user, not vice-versa.

This is Otter browser fun site!
To the general public, and WEB browser that evolve easy to understand in more and more To simple.
However, some users feel a thing insufficient and loneliness in comfortable to use.
Otter Browser is one of the software that will meet the needs such.
It’s a browser that aims to reproduce the Opera12 earlier.

Sidebar Otter Browser

Sidebar that can be centrally managed.

Sidebar to display the bookmark,history,and download files.You do not have to move every time the screen.

Tab Preview

Tab preview can be seen visually.

Preview screen and put the mouse is displayed making it easier to visually use.


With the mouse gesture, a comfortable net surfing

Otter Browser is a browser that mouse gesture has been implemented from the initial state. Even without the mouse cursor each time the button on the toolbar, quickly as if turning the pages of paper, Back / Forward / Close a possible movement of such, you can be intuitive and comfortable surfing.

Reference site


I went for Japanese OtterBroser at Transifex.